Ultimate Risk Services Cloud Services/ SaaS

Cyber Risk Portal
The URS Cyber Risk Portal is our client’s cyber hub or destination for cyber information. The URS Cyber Risk Portal is a full suite of educational and technical resources that can assist in the prevention of IT and cyber losses and support users in responding quickly and efficiently once an incident occurs. Includes a number of links to various resources including the URS Training and URS Security Policies. Log-in
Cyber Compliance Management Risk Tracker
Your 24/7 Affordable Administrator. The CCMRT has everything you need to manage, track and report key Cyber tasks including employee URS Training, URS Security Policies, audits and inspections, corrective actions, and other corporate risk and compliance reporting needs. “Dashboard” showing an overview of the compliance training & task efforts that allows a live drill-down to specific areas either coming due or overdue, again by employee or location. Log-in

MySafetyDepartment Portal

ACS Safety
We’ve made OSHA Compliance EASY! Our experts have taken the thousands of pages that you are supposed to read and filtered them down into 5 easy steps! Our 5 Step Solution©: Identify Exposures & Risks | Compliant Plans & Procedures | Training |Implement, Monitor & Maintain | Record Keeping. Other services include OSHA Outreach Training- 10 & 30 Hr. Courses, online Safety Subscriptions, webinar and Recorded Training plus our new Safety Compliance Management Risk Tracker, your 24/7 affordable administrator. Log-in